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About Pewter


Pewter is a malleable metal alloy composed mainly of tin. Historically pewter contained up to 30% lead which was added as a cheap bulking material, to further increase malleability and to lower the alloy’s melting point.
Loyfar pewter is completely lead-free with a composition of 90% tin (Sn), 5% silver (Ag), 5% antimony (Sb)/copper (Cu).
The addition of silver enables a highly polished finish to be achieved, similar to pure silver.
Antinomy and copper are added for working properties. Antinomy improves the durability of mechanical parts, such as hinges. Copper improves the alloy’s cold-working characteristics.


Loyfar pewter is food safe and meets EU health legislation governing the migration of heavy metals into foodstuffs.
Pewter should never be used in an oven/microwave, on a stove/hob, or exposed to a direct flame.


Pewter should only be washed by hand in slightly soapy warm water and left to dry naturally, or dried with a soft lint-free absorbent cloth. It should never be washed in a dishwasher.

Loyfar pewter does not tarnish under normal conditions and retains its shiny finish with only minimal care. We recommend only occasional polishing, using a good quality high density microfibre glass cleaning cloth. For best results lightly dampen the cloth in slightly soapy warm water, or by spraying it with a streak-free glass cleaning solution. Metal polishes should never be used and will damage enamelling.

To dust and clean delicate or intricate items we recommend using a clean soft-bristled 12mm (1/2”) paint brush, or similar. For dirtier items, the bristles of the brush can be wrapped in a damp thin cloth, such as a muslin face cloth, which will absorb the dirt.

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